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Mike Tucciarone

Michael Tucciarone was born in Brooklyn, New York, the oldest of 4 siblings.  Michael now makes his home on Long Island, New York.  His photographic journey started in the late 1970’s when he was given an old Petri 35mm camera by his wife to be.  As he started recording their journey together with family and friends, his love of photography grew.  In order to advance his knowledge of photography, Michael joined a local camera club, other photographic organizations and also started attending more and more seminars on photography.  He received a Certificate of Completion from the New York Institute of Photography.  For many years he freelanced as a wedding photographer for multiple studios and also did wedding and portrait work for his own clients.

After taking a sabbatical from his wedding and portrait work, he started shooting more for himself and his own artistic self-expression, mixing film and digital photography.  He is always looking to expand his artistic work, and while he still enjoys shooting weddings and portraits, he most enjoys shooting landscapes and cityscapes.

Website: miketfotography.com