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Measuring up to “60 Inches”

As many of you know, the upcoming LICP members exhibition at the

Jeanne Tengelsen Gallery has become an all-consuming project for us.

But the level of excitement, if one could measure, is beyond 60 Inches!

Some of our fellow LICP members have had the honor of exhibiting in this gallery before

either within a group or solo show, but this will be a first for the LICP members.

I believe this is adding to the excitement and pride we are all feeling.

We have endured some growing pains during this process, but ones that I believe will make us more prepared for the next exhibit of this size. There were a lot of elements to this exhibit that we didn’t foresee, but nothing that didn’t make sense.

The concept of having “60 inches” for each photographer to display their work was the big draw to this exhibit. Each photographer had the opportunity to utilize the space to represent what makes them unique. We (Co-Presidents) had some unusual requests, one of which was asking you to provide a map of how you wanted your photographs to be hung. Although this is important, and helps to personalize your message, the challenge for us is to honor the individual space, but not to sacrifice the flow and continuity to the overall exhibit.

Artist statements were also requested so that they can be shared with the public within a binder. Another opportunity to share your thoughts on your vision for this particular exhibit.

The reception on May 20th will hopefully draw a record-breaking crowd!

A reception that will have food, wine, and song provided by the very talented Charles Hoffman.

Please send out the “Save the Date” invitation if you haven’t already.

I am looking forward to seeing all the incredible work that will be on display, and I thank all

of you that are participating in this exhibit for your patience with all of our many emails and requests over the past few months. But, it does take a village, and I am excited and proud that my photographs will be residing in this gallery next to yours over the next few weeks!


Diane Luger, Co-President, LICP