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“Homage to Something You Love”

Allow me to think out loud here on this assignment for our Little Gallery next month.

We may approach this topic as either being very difficult or very easy with too many images or subjects coming to mind. After all, we love a variety of things. Family, specifc foods, pets, music, trees, birds, the ocean, gardening…just to name a few. It will be interesting to see how some of us approach the subject by presenting it through the lens of our cameras.

We can choose to concentrate on one subject, presenting the members with a group of five consecutive photographs representing the same subject with different perspectives, or, you may choose to photograph five different things, with each photograph a homage to the individual subject or object.

And, of course, you can think to illustrate this as an abstract. You may love to laugh, or love to love, love to give or share, love to joke, love to paint, love to photograph… Hmmm, much more to think about.

Approaching this in an abstract way can also allow us the ability to stretch the boundaries of what we choose to represent within the limits of a rectangular box.

Since this topic is very broad, I wanted to share something to keep in mind while shooting or editing.

A few years ago, the LICP offered a six-month workshop called “Discovering Your Voice”. I wanted to share with you the understanding of this title, and how it could help to guide you when shooting this assignment as well as all your future photographs:

DISCOVER: To find out something that was not previously known

YOUR: Something that belongs to or relates to you

VOICE: To articulate, declare, express

I think I can speak for all of us when saying that we want to “Discover Our Voice’s”.

I hope this can help you to “Discover Yours”.

Co-President, LICP Diane Luger